Sifr Fran
Character Information
Allegiance: Windbloom (prince/king)
Age: 21 (0~S.ifr~),
Deceased (Mai-Otome)
Known relations: Richard Blan de Windbloom (brother)
Possible/putative relations: Sifr Fran (wife)
Nina Wáng (biological daughter)
Mashiro Blan de Windbloom (de jure daughter)

Bruce Banin Windbloom II (c. AR 284/5-c. AR 316) is a king of Windbloom. He appears in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ and, presumably, in a portrait in Mai-Otome.

The 21-year-old Bruce is first introduced as a member of the royal family of Windbloom tasked with the accompaniment of Sifr Fran to Windbloom after the death of her mother. He appears aboard a train just in time to rescue her from the combined forces of Schwartz and Aswad who are holding her hostage. Aiding him in this endeavour is a mysterious maid who later identifies herself as "Lena Yumemiya," whilst Bruce uses the pseudonym "Bruce Wallace."

Bruce's mother died when he was around 14 and he was often in trouble with his father. He has at least two older brothers, Richard and the king of Windbloom at the time of 0~S.ifr~. The latter was king at the time of Sifr's acceptance into the royal family and apologises to her for any trouble Bruce may have caused her.

It is highly likely that Bruce became king of Windbloom after this brother's demise and he reigned alongside Sifr, now his wife, until a joint Schwartz/Aswad attack left the pair dead. Bruce's retured Otome Lena Sayers was also killed in the attack after effecting the safe passage of the heir, Mashiro Blan de Windbloom, named after th original GEM worn by the Founder of Garderobe.