The Cardair Empire (also known as Chaldea) is a state on the planet Earl in Mai-Otome. The country is noted for its having three emperors at any one time, and for the distinctive headdresses worn by some dignitaries and officials from this land.

Cardair has a long-standing enmity with Florince and Otomes from the two countries fought each other during the Dragon King War. A further flashpoint occurred when Florince's prospective Otome Akane Soir escaped at the point of sealing a contract to elope with a noble from Cardair, Kazuya Krau-Xeku.

Cardair's castle and possible capital was heavily damaged and its chief Otome and one of its emperors, Argos XIV, were killed during a raid by the Aswad in retaliation for the Otome, Fiar Grosse' attack on their refuge. The problem between Cardair and Aswad emerged after Argos tasked the Aswad with retrieving information from the Emigrant Era from a base in Aries, which they did, before it was stolen by John Smith, the public face of the Schwartz for use by his group and their ally Artai.

Known rulers (chronological) Edit

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  • Argos XII (temp. Dragon King War)
  • Argos XIV
  • Kazuya Krau-Xeku

NB Argos I-XI and XIII are unmentioned in the canon thus far.

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  • Monica Julen (temp. Dragon King War)
  • Fiar Grosse
  • Akane Soir (originally from Florince)

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