Elliot "Ellie" Chandler
Character Information
Allegiance: Garderobe
Master: Fumi Himeno
Occupation: Column I
GEM: GalacticaMarine
Age: 16 (0~S.ifr~)
Height: 158 cm (' ")
Weight: 46 kg ( lbs.)
B/W/H: 84/56/82

Elliot Chandler (Japanese: エリオット・チャンドラー, Eriotto Chandorā) , known to her friends as Ellie, is a character in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~. She is portrayed by Yuko Sanpei.

A recent graduate from the Garderobe Academy (Ellie was in the same year group as Lena Sayers), Elliot is the First Column. She is introduced as a friend or Lena and indeed has some not-so-secret designs upon her friend. She uses the GEM GalacticaMarine, which enables access to a personal cloak.

She is ordered by the school principal Una Shamrock to infiltrate Lena's group (comprised of Lena, her Master Bruce Banin Windbloom II, Raquel Mayol and Shion Margaret) in order to kill Sifr Fran, an unsuspecting 14-year-old girl who is an illegitimate scion of Windbloom's royal family, who is of interest to the Schwartz and their Aswad allies for powers she possesses. However, she finds she cannot do this as this would gain the enmity of Lena and she hesitates.

Later on, Lena disappears after a battle with Schwartz's M-9 android and Ellie is seen tagging along with Lena's allies, finding herself in a compromising situation at a gambling joint. She later becomes an "official" member of the group and follows Bruce and the others on their quest to liberate Sifr, who has now been recaptured by Schwartz.

To this end, she and Raquel attack the Schwartz's satellite base in an abortive rescue attempt, but are fought back by M-9, who injures Miyu, who has appeared, in the process. Another attempt is augmented by Lena's late intervention, having teamed up again with Bruce after being cared for by an Aswad scientist named Shiro.

After Lena returns seemingly exhausted from her defeat of M-9, Ellie's fellow Colums appear to kill Sifr, whereupon Ellie attempts to defend the girl, resulting in her materialisation priviledges being suspended by Una. However, Lena hacks into the Administar and summons a robe - Artemis - before proceeding to dispatch the four Columns opposing her. The four columns who had attempted to murder Sifr are punished by Maria Graceburt after the girl's official acceptance into the Windbloom royal family, on the grounds that they had interfered in politics. They are suspended for a period, leaving Ellie as the sole active Column.

By the time of Mai-Otome, in which she does not appear, Ellie has been replaced as First Column and user of the GalacticaMarine by Sara Gallagher.