Fuuka Academy is a high school and main setting for the Mai-HiME and Mai-HiME Destiny parts of the Mai-HiME Project.

The Academy campus includes a Church.

Mai-HiME anime Edit

Teaching staff Edit

High school students Edit

Third year Edit

First year Edit

Class A Edit
Class B Edit

Middle school students Edit

Third year Edit

Second year Edit

First year Edit

Grade school student Edit

Third year Edit

Kendo club Edit

  • Captain - Masashi Takeda
  • Kozo Shame
  • Gosaku Shimomura
  • Shirou Ueda
  • Tamaji Yokoyami
  • Yuuichi Tate (formerly)

Chorus club Edit

  • Principal - Alyssa Searrs
  • Kiyone Nonomiya

Mai-HiME manga Edit

Mai-HiME Destiny Edit

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