Haruka Suzushiro
MH Haruka
Character Information
Age: 18
Date of Birth: August 3
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)
Blood type: A
B/W/H: 88/55/80

Haruka Suzushiro (Japanese: 珠洲城遥, Suzushiro Haruka) is a character from the Mai-HiME anime and manga series. She is voiced in by Ryōka Yuzuki. She is the Executive Director of the Suzushiro Executive Team at Fuuka Academy. Her analogue in the Mai-Otome series is Haruka Armitage.

Mai-HiME animeEdit

The first time Haruka appears is at the beginning of the second episode, conducting an interrogation of Mai Tokiha in the school council room, after Mai was discovered in the Academy grounds surrounded by a circle of burnt ground.


Haruka is a member of the Suzushiro family, who have made a great deal of money from the construction business. For example, they own at least 25 villas. The Suzushiro company was given the contract to repair damage caused to Fuuka Academy during the HiME Carnival. However, much of this wealth was only accumulated in Haruka's lifetime, as Yukino (in the Mai-HiME Specials) suggests that when the pair became friends at a young age, the family were not as wealthy as they were at the time of the Carnival.


She is seen to be a forceful character with a habit of malapropisms, often corrected by her childhood friend Yukino Kikukawa. It is later revealed that her family has amassed quite a lot of wealth and several properties from their dealings in the construction industry. Indeed, the family’s beach house contains several guest bedrooms.

Additionally, Haruka (despite not being a HiME) displays considerable stores of courage and physical strength, at one stage taking on a tank when the school is invaded by forces loyal to the Searrs Foundation.

Haruka takes great pride in her role as Director, often throwing herself into her work for long periods, sustained only by curry bread. Her hands-on approach leads her to express disdain for her colleagues on the Student Council, who she portrays as tea drinking layabouts. Her bravery is often called into action as part of her role as she imagines herself the campus’ first line of defence, as seen from her battle with the tank and her dauntless attempts to snag the panty thief.

Yukino Kikukawa Edit

Haruka has known Yukino since they were both children and the series portrays a young Haruka protecting her shy friend from bullies in a playground. Her role as protector has continued throughout the pair’s relationship – at one point, Haruka takes on two soldiers from Searrs in order to buy Yukino time to escape (it is not proven whether Haruka does this as she knows Yukino is a HiME or if this is just an expression of Haruka’s concern for her friend). However, Haruka being somewhat overbearing and Yukino keen to serve her often leads to Yukino’s being forced into all manner of testing situations in support of the older girl.

Haruka’s protective instinct towards Yukino is even seen at Haruka’s “death”: Haruka, as Yukino’s Most Important Person, begins to fade away upon Diana’s defeat at the hands of Shizuru Fujino and Kiyohime. However, despite her pain, Haruka still manages to show “bravery in the face of the enemy”, headbutting Shizuru and “passing the mantle” of Director on to Yukino, smiling as she disappears.

Haruka in uniform

Haruka Suzushiro in her characteristic school uniform with armband.

Shizuru FujinoEdit

The nearest thing to an enemy Haruka has is school President Shizuru Fujino, who she often refers to as a “bubuzuke woman” (bubuzuke being a Kyoto form of ochazuke, meaning “tea with rice” and referring perhaps – likely unwittingly, this being Haruka – to Shizuru’s Kyoto accent).

The root cause of this rivalry would seem to be Shizuru’s defeat of Haruka in the Student Council Elections, where Haruka managed 12 votes to Shizuru’s 817.

Haruka is disgusted by Shizuru’s obsessive behaviour towards Natsuki Kuga late in the anime, leading to a confrontation between the two which results in Shizuru’s Child Kiyohime defeating Yukino’s Diana in short order. Haruka, however, manages to go out with a bang, as seen earlier.

At the very end of the series, it is shown that Haruka attends the same university as her rival, who is still one step ahead, much to Haruka’s annoyance.

Mai-HiME mangaEdit

Haruka’s personality in the manga is much the same as in the anime. However, the manga portrays Haruka as a HiME, with a Child named Koumokuten which looks much like an angler fish and which has the ability to fire laser beams from its mouth. Her Key is Yukino (Haruka also serves this function for Yukino) and her Element is a giant mace. Koumokuten also has the ability to conjoin with Yukino’s Child and Haruka and Yukinio often collaborate in the style of a “tag team” when in combat.

Haruka leads the “Ori-HiME Team”, which she founded after concluding that Mai and Natsuki’s attempts to stop Orphans attaching the Academy were unsatisfactory.

Haruka and Yukino are both later defeated by Searrs’ PRINCESS, Sister Yukariko Sanada, and trapped inside her Child St. Vlas, where they are subject to illusions. In Haruka’s case, this takes the form of Shizuru, who is seen to rig the election to school President in her own favour. Haruka realises this is not real from the dream Shizuru’s behaviour and she and Yukino break free.

She is later “killed” by the HiME Star exploding, after she, Yukino and erstwhile rival Midori Sugiura defeat the QUEEN Marie Antoinette. Haruka emerges alive during a funeral service conducted by her nemesis Shizuru, which Haruka believes mocks her, thus causing more friction between the pair.