In the Mai-HiME universe, a HiME is a female with the ability to materialise solid objects from photons, as well as the term for this ability. HiME is derived from the Japanese word hime (), meaning "princess".

The term is an acronym for "Highly-advanced Materialising Equipment". As such, HiME can refer to the ability and technology itself as well as girls capable of materialising such equipment. HiMEs can be identified in two ways: firstly, each has a birthmark of a certain shape on a specific part of her body; secondly, only HiMEs have the ability to discern a certain red astronomical object, termed the "HiME Star", which initially appears just below and to the right of the moon.

Each HiME has a certain "Element", usually in the form of a weapon, which they can materialise at will. In addition, they can call up a "Child", normally in the form of an animal or mythological creature. In order to access the Child, a HiME is dependent on their "Most Important Person", the individual they love or care about the most. However, if their Child is defeated, the HiME's Most Important Person disintegrates, going to form one of several pillars in a secret underground location.

The HiMEs seem to have originated in a legend of female warriors marching off to fight a final battle in the vain expectation of seeing their beloved again and the "HiME Carnival" is a reenactment of this, taking place at set intervals of 300 years (in the anime), at which 12 females are identified as HiMEs and forced to fight in order to discover a winner. The Carnival is administered by an organisation known as the First District (District One in the English version). The HiME who emerges victorious from the Carnival is given the chance to marry the Obsidian Lord, a mysteious, ancient and malevolent being who inhabits the body of a human close to the HiMEs, and decide the future of the world.

HiMEs in the anime Edit

The Mai-HiME anime identifies 12 natural and one artificial HiMEs (the latter created by the Searrs Foundation, an ancient secret organisation, as part of an attempt to wrest control of the HiME Star from the First District).

HiME Element Child Most Important Person HiMEs beaten Defeated by
MH MaiMai Tokiha Golden rings KagutsuchiKagutsuchi TakumiTakumi Tokiha
Tatethen Yuuichi Tate~
Alyssa -
MikotoMikoto Minagi Miroku (sword) MirokuMiroku (being) MH ReitoReito Kanzaki?~ Fumi
NatsukiNatsuki Kuga Pistols DuranDuran MH ShizuruShizuru Fujino Shizuru
AkaneAkane Higurashi Tonfa HarryHarry (Hari) Kazuya KurauchiKazuya Kurauchi none Alyssa*
MidoriMidori Sugiura Labrys GakutenouGakutenou SasakiProfessor Sasaki none Mikoto
Nao YuukiNao Yuuki Metal claws JuliaJulia Mrs YuukiHer mother none Shizuru
AkiraAkira Okuzaki Dagger GennaiGennai TakumiTakumi Tokiha none Shiho
Sister YukarikoYukariko Sanada Bow StVlasSt. Vlas (St. Vrus) WataruWataru Ishigami Yukariko+ Yukariko+
Yukino MHYukino Kikukawa Mirrors DianaDiana MH HarukaHaruka Suzushiro none Shizuru
Shiho MunakataShiho Munakata Flute YatagarasuYatagarasu TateYuuichi Tate Akira Mikoto
Fumi MHFumi Himeno Scythe SuishohimeMashiro KazahanaSuishouhime - none Mikoto
MH ShizuruShizuru Fujino Naginata KiyohimeKiyohime NatsukiNatsuki Kuga Yukino
Alyssa MHAlyssa Searrs (artificial) none: Miyu
Greer serves
this function
ArtemisEclipse 1 Artemis SearrsThe Searrs Foundation head, her "father" Akane* Mai

  • defeated by Miyu Greer, Alyssa's carer. Alyssa was not present at the time of the attack.

+ self-destruction (could also include Midori). ~ due to neither being defeated, this is hypothetical. It is quite possible that, by the time they fight in Kokuyoyguu, their MIPs are each other.

Interestingly, elaborating upon her brief cameo at the very end of the Mai-HiME anime, in a spoof omake entitled “Mai-HiME vs. Mai-Otome”, coinciding with the release of the Mai-Otome anime on DVD, Arika Yumemiya is portrayed as a second artificial HiME, with a Child very similar to Alyssa Searrs’ Eclipse 1 Artemis. Additionally, she is seen in the company of a character in the school uniform who resembles Mai-Otome's Laula Bellini. Additional releases suggest her Element is a rod.

Previous HiME carnival Edit

Only one HiME is known from the previous HiME Carnival.

HiME Element Child Most Important Person HiMEs beaten Defeated by
Mashiro Kazahana"Mashiro Kazahana" Golden rings KagutsuchiKagutsuchi 80px"Nagi Homura"? unknown likely winner

HiMEs in the mangaEdit

The portrayal of HiMEs in the Mai-HiME manga is at variance with that in the anime.

In addition to HiMEs, the series also introduces several other concepts: artificial HiMEs are replaced by PRINCESSes (Perfect realisation of independent access) and they are four in number; and powerful HiMEs can become QUEENs (Quaint Elemental Enchantresses), with their powers enhanced by those of the Obsidian Prince.

In addition, the manga replaces the Most Important Person with the Key. In order to manifest a Child, the HiME must first touch the Key with her Element.

Anti-Orphan Squad Edit

The Anti-Orphan Squad was set up to protect Fuuka Academy from Orphans. Yuuichi Tate is also a member of the Anti-Orphan Squad, though, due to his being male, he is precluded from being a HiME.

HiME Element Child Key HiMEs beaten Defeated by
Midori Sugiura (leader) Labrys Gakutenou a parakeet
Mai Tokiha Golden rings Kagutsuchi Yuuichi Tate
Natsuki Kuga Pistols Duran Yuuichi Tate
Mikoto Minagi Sword* Miroku* none*
Akane Higurashi Tonfa Harry (Hari) Kazuya Kurauchi
* Mikoto's Element is Miroku and is in a ready state at all times, meaning she needs no key.

Ori-HiME Team Edit

As a reaction to the perceived failures of the Anti-Orphan Squad, an antagonistic Ori-HiME team was founded.

HiME Element Child Key HiMEs beaten Defeated by
Haruka Suzushiro (leader) Mace Koumokuten Yukino Kikukawa
Yukino Kikukawa Mirror Diana Haruka Suzushiro
Akira Okuzaki Dagger Gennai Takumi Tokiha
Nao Yuuki Metal claw Julia A gang leader
Masashi Takeda
The "Three Scale Sisters" Triangular rulers

Kazahana clan Edit

The Kazahana clan is aligned with no faction and works to prevent the HiME-Star from landing on earth.

HiME Element Child Key HiMEs beaten Defeated by
Mashiro Kazahana Pocketwatch A white rabbit Fumi Himeno


PRINCESS Child HiMEs beaten Defeated by
Shiho Munakata Octopod
Alyssa Searrs Isaac
Yukariko Sanada St. Vlas (St. Vrus)
Saeko Kuga


QUEEN Association Child Defeated by
Marie Antoinette Flowers Fluer Melody Midori
Yang Guifei Cats Cat Ball Mikoto
Mai Tokiha Natsuki*
* Natsuki and Yuuichi manage to convince her to return to their side rather than that of the Obsidian Prince.

Mai-HiME: The Another (computer game) Edit

The computer game Mai-HiME: The Another introduces new characters and presents subtle differences from the anime and manga continua.

HiME Element Child Most Important Person
Mai Tokiha Tenrin Kagutsuchi Reito Kanzaki
Kyouji Takamura
Takumi Tokiha
Mikoto Minagi Miroku Susanoo Reito Kanzaki
Kyouji Takamura
Natsuki Kuga El Er Duran Mutsumi Kujyo
Kyouji Takamura
Miyu Greer Angel Feather Kamael Kyouji Takamura
Sakuya Amakawa Kougetsuren Tsukiyomi Satoshi Amakawa
Kyouji Takamura
Midori Sugiura Seitenhekireki Gakutenou Professor Sasaki
Nao Yuuki Mary's Claw Julia Her mother
Shizuru Fujino Jyun-Ai Kiyohime Natsuki Kuga
Alyssa Searrs Seraphim Feather Metatron N/A
Akane Higurashi ? Hari Kazuya Kurauchi
Yukino Kikukawa ? Diana Haruka Suzushiro
Akira Okuzaki ? Gennai? ?
Yukariko Sanada ? St. Vlas? ?