Mai-Otome Arashi is a manga series produced as part of the Mai-HiME Project.

The series is a sequel of the Mai-Otome manga and retains "Manshiro" as the main character.

Synopsis Edit

The events of Mai-Otome Arashi take place some time after those of the Mai-Otome manga and revolve around the purchase by Artai of Garderobe. It transpires that this is a plot by Arashi, younger sister of Nagi Daí Artai, and successor to the deceased Grand Duke. The Otomes come up with various plans to raise the funds needed to buy back Garderobe, causing some trouble with Windbloom's police department among others.

The series featured cameos by Project stalward Yamada, and Masashi Takeda briefly reprises his Natsuki obsession.