Maria Graceburt
Maria Graceburt Otome
Character Information
Allegiance: Garderobe
Master: Fumi Himeno
Occupation: Teacher/Administrator
GEM: Eternal Recurrence Jasper
Age: 39 (Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~),
c.66 (Mai-Otome)
Height: 162 cm (' ")
Weight: 48 kg ( lbs.)
B/W/H: 84/57/81

Maria Graceburt (Japanese: マリア・グレイスバート, Maria Gureisubāto), born around A.R. 265 in Old Lutesia, is a recurring character in the Mai-Otome series. To date, she is the only character to have roles in all three animated sections of the continuity (Mai-Otome, Mai-Otome Zwei and Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~). She is often seen as a bastion of the traditions and history of Garderobe and Otomes, which often brings her into conflict with others when they express ideas contrary to this. She is regarded by the students as something of a martinet and a disciplinarian.

Maria was attending Garderobe at the time of the War of the Dragon King, during the course of which Maria's onee-sama (her senior student), to whom she formerly acted as room attendant, Monica Julen was killed by her Trias colleague and best friend.

Later (aged 39, at the time of 0.S~ifr~), Maria was the teacher of the Pearl class and an important figure at Garderobe. She expresses concern at Principal Una Shamrock's planned course of action with regards to the emergence of Sifr Fran, who was of the royal bloodline of Windbloom. Maria was worried that Una planned to intervene in politics, something that Garderobe was bound not to do. When Una's plan is foiled by the intervention of Lena Sayers, the Meister of Sifr's guardian Bruce Banin Windbloom II, Maria acts swiftly, removing Una from office and suspending her and her three co-conspirators and fellow Columns Iruma Vandeveld, Kyoko Shimabuki and Rei Zarganote from use of their powers for a spell. Maria subsequently takes over as acting Principal.

Some years later, at the time of Mai-Otome, Maria, now aged in appearance, is still a major figure at Garderobe, working closely with the Principal Natsuki Kruger and fellow teachers, such as Yukariko Steinberg. She expresses horror at Natsuki's allowing Arika Yumemiya to join the Corals late, citing the many girls who tried but failed to gain a place at the Academy by the proper means. She often disagrees with Natsuki in other ways. Natsuki's modernism in particular is of annoyance to the staunch traditionalist.

Maria discovers five students (Arika, Nina Wáng, Erstin Ho, Irina Woods and Juliet Nao Zhang) who have breached the resting place of Shinso-sama in the hall of pillars, representing deceased Otomes. She is aghast upon discovery that Arika's Coral GEM is missing (it was broken when she and Mashiro Blan de Windbloom inadvertantly played a note on the Harmonium) and punishes the errant girls by having them clean the exterior of the shrine.

She remains at Garderobe after it is taken over by forces loyal to Nagi Daí Artai, who have purpotedly liberated Windbloom after it came under attack from the Schwartz (in reality, Schwartz were colluding with Artai) and often seeks to remind Nina, now Nagi's Meister, that she still has much to learn. She and Yukariko speak cordially with the Meisters of Artai's forced allies Rosalie Claudel (Florince) and Laula Bianchi (Lutesia Remus), whilst still aiding efforts to liberate Garderobe from the yoke of Nagi. To this end, she and Yukariko (with the remainder of Star Class) aid the efforts to reboot the Otome system by negating the interfering wave coming from Schwartz' own founder (the corpse of Lena Sayers), an endeavour in which they are initially successful before the system is again put out of action. Due to the intervention of Miyu, who accesses the Administar and liberates all Otomes from Type II restrictions, Maria materialises with the other Otomes, but is noteworthy as, when materialised, she exhibits the appearance she bore when much younger. However, on several occasions during the series, she is shown to possess superior speed and strength, even to many of her fellow Otomes. She defeats two Slaves as the Otomes hurry to destroy the Harmonium.

In Mai-Otome Zwei, Maria is employed as tutor to Arkia Yumemiya (who, despite her world-saving exploits and the fact that she should have graduated) has still not earned enough accreditation. When Yuna breaches the resting place of Fumi, Maria investigates, resulting in her defeat and ossification by Yuna. She is returned to a normal state after Arika and Nina, with aid from Garderobe's science staff (Yohko Helene, Irina and Professor Gal of the Aswad) manage to destroy Yuna.