Monica Julen
Character Information
Allegiance: Cardair
Master: Argos XII
GEM: Diopsite of Running Water
Lived: A.R. 264-281

Monica Julen (A.R. 264-281) was an Otome at the time of the War of the Dragon King in Mai-Otome. She was the Meister of Argos XII, a king of the Empire of Cardair. She was killed at the hands of her best friend and former colleague on the Trias, an Otome representing Florince, Cardair's great rival. Whilst at Garderobe, Monica was served by Maria Graceburt, who would later chastise five infiltrators into the "Otome graveyard" close to The Founder beneath Garderobe, showing special reverence for the pillar commemorating Monica. Monica and her killer were formerly numbers 1 and 2 Pearl respectively.