Raquel Mayol
Character Information
Allegiance: Earl Church
Master: Shion Margaret
GEM: Bound Dragons Rhodonite
Age: 17 (0~S.ifr~)
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 48 kg
B/W/H: 90/57/84

Raquel Mayol (Japanese: ラケル・マヨール, Rakeru Mayōro), Voiced by Minori Chihara, is a Meister Otome in Mai-Otome 0~s.ifr~, using the GEM the Bound Dragons Rhodonite and serving Sister Shion Margaret of the Earl Church. Her character design is based on Mai-HiME Destiny protagonist Mayo Kagura, whilst Sister Shion's is based on Mayo's cohort Shion Tennōji.

Raquel is a friend and senior of Lena Sayers, who she aids in her efforts to release Sifr Fran from the hands of the [{Schwartz]], and Elliot Chandler, as well as the classmate of Princess Sakura Hazakura, the Meister of Artai.

Her GEM allows her to materialise two dragons, Gottman and Hiruki.

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