Rei Zarganote
Character Information
Allegiance: Garderobe
Master: Fumi Himeno
Occupation: Column III
GEM: Intensly Playing Peridot
Age: 20 (0~S.ifr~)
Height: 169 cm (' ")
Weight: 48 kg ( lbs.)
B/W/H: 81/57/82

Rei Zarganote (Japanese: レイ・ジャガーノート , Rei Jagānōto ), is a character in Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~. Her voice is provided by Akiko Kimura.

She is a Meister Otome and Third Column and weilds the GEM the Intensely Playing Peridot.

She joins Principal Una Shamrock in her efforts to track down and kill Sifr Fran and, with Fourth Column Kyoko Shimabuki, fights alongside Una in her futile battle against Lena Sayers (the Fifth Column, Iruma Vandeveld, is also involved, though, as she is armed with a gun, she is remote from the immediate battlefield). Alongside Kyoko and Iruma, Rei is suspended from her duties by Maria Graceburt for her part in Garderobe's interference in Windbloom's political affairs.

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