Rosalie Claudel
Character Information
Allegiance: Florince
Master: Charles Guinel Roy d'Florince VIII
GEM: Abyssal Green Jadeite
Age: c. 17

Rosalie Claudel (Japanese: ロザリー・クローデル, Rozarī Kurōderu), in the Mai-Otome universe, is an Otome serving Florince, a country on the planet Earl. Rosalie is voiced by Mikako Takahashi. Her GEM is the Abyssal Green Jadeite (Japanese: 深淵の翡翠, Shin’en no Hisui) and her Master is Florince's king, Charles Guinel Roy d'Florince VIII. She was scheduled to retire to marry (the marriage was arranged) but her designated replacement, Akane Soir, eloped with Kazuya Krau-Xeku, a nobleman from Florince's traditional enemy Cardair, requiring Rosalie to return to service. She is later joined by Shiho Huit, Akane's classmate, who is herself originally from Cardair.

After the attack on the Boldoor district of Florince, Charles signs a treaty with the perpetrator, Nagi Daí Artai, forcing Rosalie to side with Artai's alliance under the command of Nagi's Otome Nina Wáng. In this capacity, she joins battle alongside Laula Bianchi of Lutesia Remus and the Valkyrie Corps against the alliance attempting to liberate Garderobe and Windbloom, led by Aries and Aries' chief Otome Haruka Armitage. Rosalie later defects when the Valkyrie Tomoe Marguerite reveals Nagi's true purpose is the destroy the Otome system and eliminate all current Otomes, helping her erstwhile foes contain the Harmonium (which was responsible for Boldoor's destruction) and allowing Arika Yumemiya and Mashiro Blan de Windbloom to invade Nagi's base beneath Fuuka Castle in Windbloom.

Rosalie is part of the Otome delegation present at the Strategic Otome Limitation Talks, where she displays tension between herself and Shiho, almost coming to blows with the younger girl at one point. However, both Otomes work together to contain the Child threatening Florince's capital.

Rosalie is also shown to have a tattoo/birthmark depicting a rose on her buttock.