Sara Gallagher
Character Information
Allegiance: Garderobe
Master: Fumi Himeno
Occupation: Column I
GEM: GalacticaMarine
Age: c.24

Sara Gallagher (Japanese: サラ・ギャラガー, Sara Gyaragā), voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, is a character in Mai-Otome.

She is the First Column of Garderobe and, like her predecessor in that role Elliot "Ellie" Chandler, she bears the GalacticaMarine.

She first appears in her home country of Aries late in the series, when she greets her senior Haruka Armitage and President Yukino Chrysant (like whom she is wont to correct Haruka's malapropisms) and brings tidings from her recent activities in the Eastern Countries, including Zipang, from where she brings materials instrumental in finalising the building of Aries' new flagship, the Suzushiro (these replacing materials due from Lutesia Remus, which declined to send them due to an alliance with Aries' enemy Artai).

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