In Mai-Otome, the Schwartz are a shadowy group dedicated to research and development of black science.

Their patrons are the Ho clan of An Nam, who either formed or allied with the Schwartz after the War of the Dragon King, when many Otomes from the clan were killed.

Personnel Edit

  • John Smith (ジョン・スミス, Jon Sumisu) - the public face of the organisation.
  • Female Slave Lord (女スレイブロード, Onna Sureiburōdo) - Smith's bodyguard. She is depicted as a mysterious woman seen accompanying Smith and Kid in 0~S.ifr~, covered almost entirely in dark clothes with navy blue bandages covering her face, revealing only her right eye. She had the ability to materialise "thornback"-type Slaves using her left eye, which glows when active.

Notable black letter recipients Edit