Takumi Tokiha
Character Information
Age: 13
DOB: August 28
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Blood type: A
B/W/H: 77/70/76

Takumi Tokiha (Japanese: 鴇羽巧海 , Tokiha Takumi) is a character in Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome. He is voiced by Yugo Takahashi and Cole Howard in the anime and Miyuki Sawashiro in the game Mai-Hime: Unmei no Keitouju.

Takumi is the first named character seen in the Mai-HiME anime, where he is aboard a ship with his sister Mai travelling to the pair's new school, Fuuka Academy. Takumi suffers from heart problems which require corrective surgery, as well as motion sickness, although he is renowned for his good eyesight. He has a fear of drowning from when he was a child, as he almost drowned in a river - an incident which resulted in his mother, who saved him, dying. This incident caused Mai to blame herself, as she had been charged with Takumi's care but had wandered off to play with a friend. As such, she is somewhat overprotective of her brother, a situation which causes him some angst as he matures and seeks more independence. Presumably, like Mai, he was brought up in the Suginami City (Japanese: 杉並区, Suginami-ku) area of Tokyo. Their urban origins are betrayed when he and Mai meet Yuuichi Tate and his childhood friend Shiho Munakata aboard the vessel travelling to Fuuka, when Mai comments to Takumi that country folk are more forward, noting Shiho's romantic affection for her onii-chan.

Takumi is later enrolled into the First Year of the Academy's Middle School, where he attends the same class as his new roommate Akira Okuzaki. Their homeroom teacher is Yuji Sakomizu. Takumi (along with Akira) is patronised by Reito Kanzaki, the Vice Principal of the Student Council and a near neighbour in the dormitories, with whom the two Middle School students are seen dining and visiting a beach. Akira's popularity amongst female students ensures that Takumi, as "his" roommate, featured in various fantasy scenarios for the likes of Yayoi Ota and Aoi Senoh, albeit that the reality is a little different, with Akira at first castigating Takumi for his lack of masculinity when he offers Akira food he'd cooked and demarcating each's territory in their room.

As a consequence of his condition, Takumi often visits the Zaizen Central Hospital in Tsukimori, where he is under the care of Doctor Mochizuki. Dr. Mochizuki later tells Mai that Takumi's opportunity to have surgery has arisen, though he'll have to travel to the United States of America to undergo the procedure. He requests that Mai leave him a while whilst he comes to a decision, which causes her to become depressed. However, he has another bad episode and is taken to the hospital where he is apprehended by Nao Yuuki, smarting after an incident with Natsuki Kuga and Natsuki's Child Duran causes her an eye injury, for which she also blames Mai, who was present. Akira calls her Child Gennai and the pair escape, albeit trailed by Nao who has used her Child Julia to attach a piece of web to Gennai. On Gennai, Akira and Takumi are trapped in an illusion by Sister Yukariko Sanada using her Child St. Vlas, which allows them to be confronted by the mysterious Child Yatagarasu and Yatagarasu's phantom-like HiME. Mikoto Minagi, resolved to protect Mai, mistakenly begins attacking Gennai, who is ordered to flee by Akira before being destroyed by Yatagarasu, causing Takumi to disappear. In her grief, Mai blames Mikoto and believes she has killed her brother after a blast from her own Child Kagutsuchi.

Takumi returns to life with the resurrection of all Most Valued People at the end of the series, and is last seen in an American hospital with Akira (who is dressed more effeminately), having send a letter to Mai to update her as to his welfare.

Mai-HiME manga Edit

Takumi appears in the Mai-HiME manga, where it is he, rather than Reito Kanzaki, who serves as host to the Obsidian Lord.

Mai-Otome Edit

Takumi appears in the Mai-Otome anime under the name Tokiha Takumi no Kami Tadayori as the firstborn son of the Shogun of the isolationist Eastern state of Zipang. In the corresponding manga, he is the king of Cardair.