Tomoe Marguerite
Tomoe Marguerite
Character Information
Origin: Windbloom
Allegiance: Artai/Schwartz (Mai-Otome),
Aries (Mai-Otome Zwei)
Occupation: Coral number 2,
Valkyrie (Mai-Otome),
Personal assistant,
Presidential candidate (Mai-Otome Zwei)
Master: Lena Sayers
GEM: Cursed Obsidian
Age: 15-16

Tomoe Marguerite (Japanese: トモエ・マルグリット, Tomoe Maruguritto) is a character in Mai-Otome. She also makes a cameo appearance in Mai-Otome Zwei. She is voiced by Rie Tanaka (original) and Tracy Sutton (English dub).

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