Yukariko Sanada
Sister Yukariko
Character Information
Age: 20
Birthdate: January 1
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 55 kg (113.2 lbs)
Blood type: A
B/W/H: 89/58/86
Child: St. Vlas (St. Vrus)
Element: Bow and arrows

Sister Yukariko Sanada (真田 紫子, Sanada Yukariko) is a character from the series Mai-HiME. Her analogue in the Mai-Otome continuum is Yukariko Steinberg. Sister Yukariko is voiced by Kikuko Inoue (Japanese) and Allyson June Smith (English).

Sister Yukariko works as a nun at the Fuuka Academy Church, alongside Father Joseph Greer.

Raised in a covent, Sister Yukariko has little experience with men (apart, perhaps, from Father Joseph) and comes across as very reserved when she is with men. At one point, Nao Yuuki makes a confession at the church, which so horrifies Yukariko that she runs out in horror.

As part of her role, Yukariko has to "correct" students who have erred, with students apparently dreading being sent to the Church. Masashi Takeda, wrongfuly indicted as a panty thief in episode 4, is sent there despite maintaining his innocence (rightfully, as it transpires). Yukariko and Greer seek to purge him of his "youthful passions" - phrasing similar to those used during an earlier visit by the kendo club captain, along with two of her clubmates, after they mistake Mikoto Minagi, out of control due to the influence of a spicy bread roll, for a demonic entity.

Later on, she attracts the attentions of the art teacher, Wataru Ishigami, who insists she pose for a portrait for him (he'd also made the same request earlier to Takumi Tokiha). She agrees to go out for a meal with him and is briefly seen looking very reserved and blushing in a restaurant by Nao.

She is identified as one of the twelve HiMEs during the "vampire incident", sparked by an Orphan or Searrs Foundation type attacking female students and stripping them as a means to discover whether or not they are HiMEs (due to all HiMEs possessing a distinctive birthmark somewhere on their body, Yukariko's being on her neck just below her left ear). She starts to feel guilty after a female chorister, Kiyone Nonomiya, is set upon by the "vampire" after leaving the Church unattended, despite Yukariko's protestations that she accompany the girl. The entity later attacks Aoi Senou but is stopped by Yukariko, who puts the Orphan to flight using her Element, a bow and arrows. However, being caught in this manner causes the nun to be wrongfully accused of waylaying Aoi and she is questioned by Haruka Suzushiro, the Executive Director, before being released under the orders of School Council President Shizuru Fujino.

Her ability to materialise her bow causes a crisis of faith for Yukariko, the fires of which are stoked by Wataru, who, using a variety of persuasion techniques, has her work for him in his efforts to overthrow the Obsidian Lord and have the power of the HiME Star all to himself.

Under the art teacher's direction, Yukariko effectively starts the HiME Carnival, using her Child St. Vlas to convince Natsuki Kuga and Mai Tokiha that she has been wounded on the arm having been assaulted by Nao, whereupon an enraged Natsuki corners Nao and a brief struggle ensues, during which Nao is injured on her left eye. This in turn causes Nao to pursue a vendetta against Natsuki (which is justified) and Mai (who did not participate in the fight), which causes her to later instigate the attack in which Takumi "dies", after the destruction of his roommate and lover Akira Okuzaki's Child Gennai. Yukariko too played a part in Gennai's demise, trapping it, along with Akira and Takumi, in a circular illusion using the power of St. Vlas.

It is during this time that a tortured Yukariko confesses her love for Ishigami (who had requested she hate him for "defiling" her, thus hopefully enhancing her powers). However, she is suitably ill at ease with herself at finding herself in this condition, threatening him with her Element. She visits the school infirmary for the first time - this circumstance later being related by Yohko Sagisawa to Mai, which causes her to confront Yukariko in the Church over her feigning injury to induce Natsuki's first attack on Nao. Yukariko then traps Mai in an illusion using St. Vlas, before the girl is rescued by Yuuichi Tate. The Church sets aflame and Yukariko draws Wataru into her embrace and traps the two of them in St. Vlas, dying.

She returns to life at the end of the series and is seen returning to the Church heavily pregnant and castigating her replacements in the cloister, Miyu Greer and, ironically, the previously libertine Nao Yuuki.